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St Budock Church. Farm near to church in Budock. Near the church in Budock. Wildflowers near Budock Church.

Budock was also the birthplace of:

Headstones photographed:

Alfred George Berryman died 1937

Arthur Edgar Berryman died 1927

Fanny Geach died 1880

Arthur Geach died 1880

Henry Geach died 1843

Henry Edwin Geach died 1890

Francis Geach died 1893

Jemima Geach died 1880

Charles Geach  died 1894

The names listed are the first on each memorial and there are other family members included.  Ask for further detail.  

Grace COPLAND,  1738

Joan COPLAND,   1728

Margaret MENKEY,   1656

Mary MENKEY,   1658

Henry TREMAIN, 1797

A Family named Geach:

The Geach family lived in Budock from the mid-1600s, the last female researched spending her adult life in Mabe.  

Elizabeth GEACH,   1761

Francis GEACH,   1681

Francis GEACH ,  1713

Francis GEACH,   1754

Grace GEACH,   1691

Grace GEACH,   1757

Grace GEACH,   1769

Henry GEACH,   1696

Jennifer GEACH,   1763

John GEACH,   1720

Mary GEACH,   1687

Mary GEACH,   1716

Mary GEACH,   1751

William GEACH,   1684

William GEACH,   1759

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The parish of Budock contains several small villages including Budock Water.

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