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The viaduct at Calstock. Calstock Old property in Calstock. View in Calstock. Another steep road in Calstock. A steep lane in Calstock. The Church of St Andrew in Calstock. The doorway into St Andrew's Church.  The interior of St Andrew's Church.

The Hawkings/Hawkins Family:

In Calstock for a few generations, most of those listed below have been traced through Victorian times.  

The Peek Family:

Although the mother of these children has been found, it has yet to be discovered where their father was born.  

The Williams Family:

Many men in this family worked as masons.  

Others researched in this parish:

Grace the wife of Samuel Stephens, died 1858

Elizabeth PEEK,  1692

Griffin PEEK,   1692

John PEEK,   1705

Mary PEEK,   1696

Parthenia PEEK,   1708

Ruth PEEK,   1702

Walter PEEK,   1712

Elizabeth HAWKINGS,  1770

John HAWKINGS,   1762

Margaret HAWKINGS,   1767

Thomas HAWKINGS,   1760

Thomasin HAWKINGS,   1764

William HAWKINGS,   1773

Ann K HAWKINS,   Abt 1861

Ann Kenner HAWKINS,   1806

Jane HAWKINS,   1820

Josiah HAWKINS,   1811

Josiah HAWKINS,   Abt 1826

Mary Williams HAWKINS,   1817

Michael HAWKINS,   1776

Sarah G HAWKINS,   Abt 1859

Thomasin HAWKINS,   1808

Ann WILLIAMS,   1784

Grace WILLIAMS,   1733

Grace WILLIAMS ,  1742

Grace WILLIAMS,   1781

James Kenner WILLIAMS,   1778

John WILLIAMS,   1735

John WILLIAMS,   1788

Joseph WILLIAMS,   1751

Parthenia WILLIAMS,   1737

Peter WILLIAMS,   1747

Thomas WILLIAMS,   1744

William WILLIAMS,   1776

John AVERY,  1805

John AVERY,   01 November 1832

Nicholas AVERY,   Abt 1837

Ann Odger DOIDGE,   1835

Thomas Odger DOIDGE,   1837

Joan FRIENDSHIP,   1669

Mary FRIENDSHIP,   1666

Edward HENDY,   24 July 1865

Sarah ODGER,   1811

As well as the above, we have extracted random baptisms, marriages and burials from the parish records for the surnames COLLING and HOCKING.  Email if you would like us to check for your ancestors.


A parish and village on the River Tamar and also on the border with Devon.

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