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The church and war memorial in Constantine. Stained glass window in Constantine Church. The interior of St Constantine Church. Inside St Contantine Church. Leading to old cottages in Constantine. Old buildings in Constantine. Street scene in Constantine.

War Memorial:

First World War Surnames: Benney, Boaden, Cowling, Downing, Eddy, Exelby, Horsford, Keverne, Matthew, Ould, Pearce, Reynolds, Richards, Roberts, Rowe, Symonds, Tresidder, Tremayne, Trethowan

Second World War Surnames: Collins, Green, Michens, Jenkinson, Jupp, Lamerton, Moyle, Pascoe, Reynolds, Richards, Tredidder, Trethowan, Turner, Ward

Thatched cottage in Constantine.

These siblings were born in this village:

Ann PENHALL,  1750

Mary PENHALL , 1744

Philip PENHALL,  1747

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Constantine is a parish and village in the south of Cornwall, it’s church having been mostly built in the 15th Century.

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