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The tower of the  church in Manaccan. The Church of St Mannacus and St Dunstan in Manaccan. The interior of Manaccan Church. The road through Manaccan. War Memorial in Manaccan Church. Cottages in Manaccan village.

War Memorial:

First World War: Chinn, Eva, Nicholls, Vaugue

Second World War: Dixon, Hunt, Ierram, Matthews, Montogue-Bates, Toy


Another family of the same names lived in a nearby village causing some confusion at such early times.


James John died 1843?

James John died 1841?

Anthony Williams died 1785

Arabella Johns died 1875

Elizabeth JOHNS,  1811

George JOHNS,   1793

William JOHNS,   1781

William JOHNS,   1810

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Manaccan is a village and parish located on the Lizard peninsula in South Cornwall.

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