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The harbour in Mylor. The Church of St Melorus of Mylor. View of Mylor Church from the top of the steep graveyard. Inside the church of St Melorus Church.  Memorial in Mylor Church. Mylor War Memorial.

The Penhall family:

A surname which has appeared on several projects in this county.  We have other references to this name on file.

Memorial Stones:

Rosina Lucy Moore died 1953

The children of Peter and Mary Wackem

The Wreck of the Queen Transport 1814

Beedham PENHALL,  Abt 1855

Beedham George PENHALL,   1846

Charles PENHALL,   Abt 1843

Charles Sarvis PENHALL,   1850

George Beedham PENHALL,   1844

John Sarvis PENHALL,   1836

Mary Martha PENHALL,   1848

Matilda Helen PENHALL,   1833

Philip PENHALL,   1838

William PENHALL,   1846

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Mylor is a parish just a few miles from Falmouth.  Several settlements make up this parish including Mylor Churchtown and Mylor Bridge.

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