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The street leading to the church in Phillack. The church of St Felicitas and St Piala in Phillack. The aisle and altar in Phillack Church. The font in Phillack Church.

Researched in this parish:

Phillack Memorials:

Lynnette Susan Digues Pearson died 2005

Thomas Stevens died 1853 (1858?)

Alexa Grace Digues La Touche died 1986

Dorothy McLeod Digues La Touche died 1983

Stevens Family Memorial

Alexa Grace DIGUES LA TOUCHE,  30 November 1893

Dorothy MacLeod DIGUES LA TOUCHE,  19 August 1897

Mary Violet DIGUES LA TOUCHE,   25 February 1891

William Frederick DIGUES LA TOUCHE,   20 March 1895

Frederick HOCKIN,   Abt 1819

George C HOCKIN,   Abt 1812

Lucy Margaret HOCKIN,   1856

Susan HOCKIN,   Abt 1810

Elizabeth JENKINS,   Abt 1812

Frederick PENHALL,   Abt 1855

Martha Ann PENHALL,   1859

Mary PENHALL,   Abt 1860

Alice PERRY,   Abt 1830

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A village and former parish, Phillack is less than a mile inland from St Ives Bay.  

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