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St Hilary

Street in the village of St Hilary. Cottages in St Hilary. In the village of St Hilary. The parish church of St Hilary of Poitiers. Stairway into the churchyard of St Hilary. The pulpit in St Hilary Church. The interior of St Hilary Church. Painted pews in St Hilary.

Born or baptised in this parish:

John PEARCE,   1782

Elizabeth VINCENT,   Abt 1842

James VINCENT,   Abt 1845

Jane VINCENT,   Abt 1845

William VINCENT,  Abt 1815

William VINCENT,   Abt 1848

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In West Cornwall is St Hilary, a parish and village near St Ives Bay.

Arthur BERRYMAN,  Abt 1843

Kitty BERRYMAN,   Abt 1845

Mary Jane BERRYMAN,   Abt 1842

Thomas BERRYMAN,   1838

Thomas BERRYMAN,   Abt 1850

William BERRYMAN,  25  Nov 1842

William Blight BERRYMAN,   Abt 1847


Some of the people of this name among the many we have researched in this area.

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