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St Ive


Internet trees show a great deal of confusion about the ancestors of this family.  We have gathered some ideas about this.  

Ann HENDY,  Abt 1847

Elizabeth Jane HENDY,   Abt 1840

Ellen HENDY,   Abt 1858

George HENDY,   Abt 1856

John HENDY,   Abt 1842

John HENDY,   Abt 1863

Mary HENDY,   Abt 1837

Richard HENDY,   Abt 1850

Samuel HENDY,   Abt 1860

Thomas HENDY,   Abt 1844

Thomas HENDY,   Abt 1865

William HENDY,   Abt 1835

William HENDY,   Abt 1858

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In East Cornwall is the village of St ive.

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